Sep 12 2024 - Oct 24 2024


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Adult ADHD Skills Group for Marginalized Gender/s

Each week focuses on education and skills related to various challenges and misconceptions associated with ADHD, through a lens of self-acceptance, self-compassion, curiosity, and connection!

Topics addressed: Myths and Misunderstandings, Goal Setting and Follow-through, Executive Functioning Skills, Health and Self-Compassion, Understanding Emotions, Self-advocacy and communication, Rejection Sensitivity and Social Anxiety

One of the biggest challenges faced by adults with ADHD especially those diagnosed in adulthood is the ability to trust oneself. This group will help participants buildĀ that sense of self-trust by validating experiences and providing skills to meet future challenges with more insight, perspective, self-compassion, and grounding.
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