Family Counseling & Parent Coaching

Family Therapy

All families have ups and downs, whether “traditional,” “non-traditional” or blended families. As parents, you may hope to maintain balance for your family at home and in the community. Sometimes, this becomes challenging, especially if changing family dynamics or roles come into play.

At Pulse Wellness, we like to engage parents and children in therapy together. We encourage parents to think like children and children to think like parents. We provide a supportive environment for families to unravel complicated dynamics and situations. Using role play, talk therapy, expressive arts, games and movement we help families learn more about each other and learn skills to manage each individual’s feelings.

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is a place for parents, step-parents and primary caregivers to get the support they deserve. It is a place to learn how to use the skills you have and to learn new skills to support yourself and your family. You will learn the importance of self-care, the usefulness of outlining expectations and the benefits of taking time and space. We want to help you feel cared for, competent and complete.

Maybe you’re looking to define and redefine your role as parents: what it means to nurture, to give a different way of love than we were given, or to find our way forward when parenting looks different than what you imagined.

New/Foster/Adoptive Parents

We help support attachment and positive, healing-centered parenting for foster or adoptive parents and grandparents raising grandchildren, as well as expecting and postpartum parents. 

Perhaps you’d like support to help you:

  • Step into parenthood knowing it is temporary, fostering for a moment with all the love and loss inherent in saying hello to a child knowing goodbye will also come.
  • Consider building a family through adoption or navigating the special aspects of parenting adopted children.

Enhancing Relationships

Families are made up of many different people and each of those people have their own experience in the world. Each family member also had their own role within their family of origin. Understanding how each person’s experience and role impacts them can influence how people respond to each other.

Family of Origin

Each person comes from a different type of family. The family you grew up with may have had different values, beliefs and customs than yours. As with culture, the experiences we had growing up are unique to each of us and shape our beliefs and values. We aim to support you in understanding how the culture of your family of origin and the experiences you had during your childhood may play a role in your life now.

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