Pulse Wellness Cooperative is excited to offer a new group beginning in April dedicated to helping young people in grades 3-5 understand what anxiety is, how it affects them, and what they can do about it – in a group of other awesome peers which allows for connection and shared experiences, through fun (low-pressure) weekly activities! 

One of the most beneficial aspects of a group like this is developing awareness that one is not alone in their struggles. We can learn from one another! Grades 3-5 is a pivotal developmental time for young people as the academic demands of school increase, self-management expectations grow, social pressures become more apparent, and preparations for middle school transitions solidify. Occasional feelings of overwhelm, worry, fear, and uncertainty are totally normal! AND for some young people, they can get stuck in the worry loop and feel like they CAN’T do what’s next! 

Young people for whom this particular group may be most beneficial are those who experience inattentive ADHD, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, perfectionism, school anxiety, performance anxiety, and rejection sensitivity.  This may look like any of the following (and more!): 

  1. they are plagued by the inner critic, 
  2. they get frozen trying to make a decision, 
  3. frequent stomach aches or headaches, 
  4. overthink so much they run out of time, 
  5. worry about people judging them, 
  6. people please or struggle to ask for what they need, 
  7. get easily overwhelmed or frustrated leading to blow-ups or tears

Co-facilitators, MSW Intern, Adair Passey, BSW intern Annabelle Burright, and Krista Ryan, Professional Counselor Associate, have created a weekly group filled with creativity, fun, connection, and lots of opportunities for growth, learning, and building confidence!

Reach out to Adair Passey, adair@pulsewellness.coop for more information and register today.