Help for Immigrants

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Supporting those making a home in a new and strange land

You might be feeling a sense of relief—being safe from whatever was happening in the country of origin—but you might still feel that longing for familiar places and a good chat with your friends.

Or you might feel frustrated at how different the US is from your home and country of origin.

Or there might be a sense of loss, as you are not sure when you will be able to go back. 

Although we don’t offer help with filling out your paperwork and don’t provide legal help: we are here for you. We have therapists on our team who have personally been through it. We can support you through your immigration and adjustment process. 

Help adjusting

We offer support with adjustment to your new environment and new culture. We will take time to learn about you and what aspects of your culture make you feel at ease. We will base our intervention on your values and beliefs. We are aware that after some time of living away from their country of origin, some experience an “identity crisis” of sorts where they are not quite sure where they belong. We understand this feeling of otherness and will be by your side while you are finding that sense of belonging. 

Help during immigration

The immigration process in the US is long and, even if all of your documents are in order, it can be drawn out and stressful. For those coming from countries where bureaucracy is part of a corrupt system, it can also be triggering. We understand the need to be heard and seen in these situations. We offer support as you are going through your journey, however long it might be. 

If you’re an immigrant who would like to meet with therapists who immigrated and understand: let us know!

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