Matthew Lucas is a founding member of the Pulse Cooperative. In addition to his role as a clinician, Matthew serves as a board member and Chief Financial Officer. Check out more about what inspires Matthew!

1. What inspires you to keep learning and growing in your career?

Being a witness to transformation. That’s it. LOL. I wish I had some great explanation or words that could encapsulate this further but, it is really that simple.

2. Who is someone you admire and/or learn from either personally or professionally?
My parents: I got to watch them navigate life with as much grace, love, and pain as they could muster. They provided many examples of how to interpret and engage with people, places, and self in a world that is not always kind. I loved them both for what they could and could not offer.

3. What book do you wish everyone would read and talk about?
My first inclination is to share a book I have read many times and have a great fondness for called, “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston. Reading has always been an escape. You get to see the world in new, different, and interesting ways. So why not choose a book about love? 

4. What is something you find yourself repeating either to clients, your students, or yourself (or all of the above) regularly?
“You get to choose”.

5. What theoretical orientation, modality, or thought leader in the field has had the biggest impact on you as an LCSW?
All LOL. I enjoy seeking out new and learning more about existing fields of study to expand my knowledge and practice.

6. Where do you find joy?
Music. I am one hell of a car singer!

7. Why Pulse?

Working in a space that celebrates you as an individual, that values your point of view and sees who you are as an asset. This is why. 🙂

8. Where are you from and what brought you to Portland? What is unique, special, interesting, or frustrating about Portland?
Moving to Portland was a way to establish a new life and pursue my educational endeavors. Thanks, Portland. I’m from New York, and Portland stands in stark contrast to where I am from. Some examples include artisanal everything, backyard goats, constant rain, and pedestrians having the right of way? Whew, what is this place?! HAHAHA.

9. What’s your ‘why’?
Standing with folks as they uncover their why, is my why.

10. If there were one thing you could change within the field of social work what would that be?
More diversity amongst practitioners.