We’re thrilled to share the news that as of Jan. 1, 2023, we have gone from a privately-owned practice to Pulse Wellness Cooperative (PWC), one of the only mental health provider cooperatives in the country with a profit-sharing model, and the only one in Oregon! 

We have 5 initial employee-owners and the structural freedom to more directly support other therapists and social workers. 

Will this change anything for our clients?

No! Our therapists will continue to see our clients and supervision partners. 

If anything, we are taking on more students and interns who can serve more clients through OHP, and providing more pro bono therapy appointments to our partner organizations–as well as launching our new Peer Support program within the next 18 months.

Why the change?

Rosanne Marmor, Chief Executive Officer, was the original owner of the formerly private practice. After her personal experience with the power of co-ops in helping lift others up in Berkeley, CA, her lifelong dream has been to build something lasting, and she wanted to take social workers with her. Social workers and therapists have a high level of burnout, and Rosanne wants them all to be successful and to thrive. She wanted her employees to have something lasting and tangible from their hard work. 

Our employees have that now—a structure in place where people can work with freedom, flexibility, and goals and hope. Together as a cooperative, we can build something much bigger than what 1 person can do.  

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