As, Oregon’s first worker-owned mental health cooperative, and a queer, women, and BIPOC owned organization, Pulse has sought, under the leadership of founder and CEO Rosanne Marmor LCSW, and now with the addition of the newly formed Cooperative Board, to provide an approach to wellness that is rooted in social Justice, intersectionality, and awareness of the ways in which systemic oppression causes trauma and negatively impacts mental health. 

Pulse is dedicated to the elimination of barriers to access for clients who often experience difficulty finding available and appropriate mental health services. The Cooperative is equally committed to building a culture of burnout prevention and the elimination of barriers to access within the field for established and emerging practitioners. 

As a result of the intentional, integrative, and inclusive vision of the future of mental health care and the professionals providing this care, Pulse has been granted a Comcast RISE award alongside 500 other small businesses in five cities across the US. These small businesses are working to contribute in innovative ways to the communities of which they are a part.  Comcast RISE provides financial, educational, coaching, creative, and technological support for the recipient businesses for one year. 

“Comcast RISE is supporting the growth of all small businesses and entrepreneurs committed to uplifting their local communities. The program is built to help businesses and their communities thrive with a focus on economic growth. This year, Comcast RISE has awarded 500 recipients in five cities with a grant package that includes business consultation services, educational resources, monetary grant, creative production, media schedule, and a technology makeover.” Comcast RISE