Rebekah Lubeck, MSW, LCSW


Rebekah Lubeck, LCSW

Do you feel exhausted trying to hold it all up? Or maybe like your brain has a hamster wheel spinning through responsibilities, forgotten tasks, and “should-dos,” without the energy to do them? Are you scrambling to cover up dropped plates? Does the feeling of shame and overwhelm make you want to quit, but slowing down feels impossible?

Together, we can find space to balance the spinning plates and feel like you don’t have to be on high alert for something crashing down. You don’t have to feel on edge all the time.

Hi. I’m Rebekah. I’m a chronic fast-goer, over-doer, over-thinker. I’ve spent my career in fast-going jobs and had to learn to slow down so I could have the family, friendships, dog, and hobbies I wanted. I want to help you do the same (though the dog part is optional).

I work with adults who are:

  • studying in college or graduate school balancing increasing demands and deciding on next steps;
  • experiencing burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma as social workers, medical professionals, and other caregivers
  • parenting, with a special focus on the transition to parenting and the attachment needs of new families: expecting, new babies, adopting, second-time parenting, unanticipated parenting, and grandparents parenting again. I work with parents who foster and adopt;
  • navigating workplace demands and workplace/management dynamics

We can look at the shame and anxiety that yanks us around, without letting it take over and dictate life. We can repair dropped plates—relationships, school, work, or other important things—even if it feels like they can’t be repaired right now. We can talk about the things that feel ugly to say out loud—the resentment of caring for others, the anger over situations that won’t change, or the fears that keep us detached from what we actually want. We can use humor, acceptance, and value-driven action to put together the life you want.

I am open and accepting of who you are and where you want to be. I want therapy to feel like a safe space to find and be who you truly are, without the shame and fear smothering you. If this sounds like a good fit, let’s chat.

Are we a fit?

Please contact me for a free telephone consultation. Call 503-260-8612 or: