In the fall of 2023, Pulse Wellness Cooperative received a grant from Oregon Health Authority, to provide FREE licensure supervision to qualifying LPC Associates and CSWAs in Oregon. This grant is in response to the passing of HB2949 in 2021 which committed “to provide incentives to increase the recruitment and retention of providers in the behavioral healthcare workforce” who identify as members of a BIPOC group, the Queer community, who have a disability or are immigrants, who will provide culturally responsive behavioral healthcare services. If this sounds like you or someone you know, please contact our Clinical Director, Brooke White to schedule a consultation for supervision.

Pulse Wellness Cooperative is committed to our growth as professionals and to supporting the advancement of our fellow helpers. With this purpose in mind, we are so excited for the opportunity to provide this free supervision that will reduce barriers to access and contribute to creating a more diverse field of providers for the countless people struggling to find quality mental health care in our communities.

With a combined experience of over 30 years including higher education, nonprofits, and private therapy practice, our supervisors are excited to support your growth and help set new practitioners up for a balanced and healthy career. Pulse already has an established, fee-based supervision program that offers group and individual supervision to CSWA’s and LPC associates, and now we are excited to offer these services for free to folks who meet the above criteria. Reach out today and begin your supervision experience with an organization that values radical self-care for providers and excellent social justice-focused clinical care for clients.