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A new way to move from survival mode
to feeling safe & social.


The Model is a therapeutic tool that provides a trauma-informed way to understand the Vagus nerve. With the interactive Healing Guide, it deepens our understanding of our behaviors, sensations and emotions by viewing them through the lens of flight, fight, and freeze.

The Model can be used to teach adults and children what the Vagus nerve is and how to manage their reactions to situations and the world around them.

Its boxes hold keepsakes, symbolic items, notes and more, and can be rearranged or removed to take with you as a physical touchstone. Decorating it can help deepen the creative connection.

Who is The Model for?

Social workers—especially in schools
Children and adults

Useful in stressful situations:

Tense meetings
Family gatherings
Tests and exams
Medical situations
Grief rituals

The Model is a powerful tool
that can help bring warmth and compassion
into the difficult situations of daily life.

About The Model

Intro to the Polyvagal nerve

Why we created The Model

Connecting with The Model

Ready to try it?

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How to Use The Model


  • The Model is a therapeutic tool that anyone can use: at home, work, the classroom or in therapy sessions. Check out our training videos below to see it in a clinical setting.
  • Get creative with The Model! The boxes are designed to be personalized, filled and rearranged—and can be painted and decorated as well! 

Training Videos


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