Therapy for Caregivers

Help for Helpers

Do you have caregiver burnout? Do you feel like your needs are invisible? Do you feel guilty for feeling frustrated or resentful?

We work with many social workers, housing activists, nurses, teachers, foster and adoptive parents, and of course, people caring for loved ones with disabilities:

  • parents with special-needs children
  • adults with aging parents
  • people who are caretakers for partners with disabilities

When in service to others, it can often feel like your needs come last, that there is no time for you or that the best medicine is sleep or a glass of wine.

Taking one hour a week to open your heart in a private and compassionate setting can make that night’s sleep more fulfilling. We can help give you the tools and support you need to manage stress and feel more like yourself again.

How do you mix kindness, compassion real honesty with the most direct approach to getting at the root of and solving a problem? Work with Pulse Wellness! They see potential, rather than powerlessness.  As a person with a disability, this makes all the difference in the world when helping folks seek economic and social justice.

Kathy Martinez, Assistant Secretary
Office of Disability Employment Policy at US Department of Labor