LGBTQ+ (LGBTQQIA) Therapy & Counseling

Supporting the Spectrum

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Pulse Wellness provides therapy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, nonbinary, queer, questioning, intersex, allies, asexual and pansexual persons of all ages. Some of our specialties include:

Individual Therapy

Are you struggling with symptoms of anxiety? Depression? Life/work balance? Can’t seem to find someone who gets you? Finding the right support for yourself can be difficult. It often helps people feel more comfortable knowing they are working with someone who shares a similar cultural background.

At Pulse Wellness, we understand the LGBTQ+ community because we are a part of it. We offer safe spaces for people living outside the heteronormative lens to explore their identity and expression of self. We encourage diversity and embrace uniqueness. However you identify or express yourself, we support you. Our therapeutic services come from a place of experience and understanding.

Transgender Health

Supporting the trans community is of high importance to us at Pulse Wellness. We strive to create an informed environment where people of any gender identity can feel comfortable talking about their physical and mental health.

Rather than create barriers, we help build bridges for people to obtain the right care for their bodies and minds. We support exploration of social and medical transitions. We connect people to medical providers who will be sensitive to any of your concerns. We are able to work closely with your medical provider, if you desire, or work concurrently on any mental health concerns that may arise during your transition. Our ultimate goal is for you to live as your identified person; healthily, safely, and comfortably. We will aid in that process in any way we can.

Along these lines: we provide letters free of charge for our gender transition clients. These health/id requirements present barriers for our clients.  

Trans Youth

Supporting youth in the community is one of our highest priorities. Trans youth have the highest rate of suicide in our country. The best way to combat this sad truth is to offer support to young people who are struggling with their identity.

Support can come in many forms: education, social network, processing groups, and talking. By validating the feelings and experiences of youth who are questioning and exploring their gender, we develop empathy and are better able to advocate for those we love—and for others in the trans community.

As parents and community members, we can be a safe place for teens and young adults to find their voices and true selves. We offer therapy to:

  • youth who are exploring transitions
  • youth whose parents are transitioning
  • parents who are transitioning
  • parents of children who are transitioning


LGBTQ Relationships


As people in the queer community, we often have multiple families. Most often these come as a ‘families of origin’ and ‘chosen families.’ Many adults in the community seek to learn more about their relationship with their family of origin, to strengthen them or reconnect with loved ones. Some seek to strengthen the relationships in their chosen families or bring those members into family therapy.

Whatever your motivation, we are able to help. We have a thorough understanding of the many varieties of ‘family.’  We offer you a space to explore what your family members mean to you, biological or chosen, and what you mean to them.

We also offer support to LGBTQ parents and those planning for parenthood.
We offer family therapy for parents in the LGBTQ community, their teens and young adults.


As with families, relationships can look very different between same-sex, cis and trans partners, or in polyamorous (poly) relationships. Those whose relationships fall outside the heternorm may feel misunderstood by therapists who are less familiar with the dynamics.

Have no fear! We get you, all of you.

We can offer you support around your relationship dynamics, setting boundaries, and safety or whatever else you need. We want you to be comfortable being you.