Your First Session

Prior to working together, we require a consultation to make sure we’re a good match. Then we’ll connect you to our private client portal and have some forms for you to fill out online.

Whether we’re meeting in person or virtually (for a while yet), the initial session will provide an opportunity for us to get to know each other, review paperwork, and discuss your goals. We’ll start by establishing what you’re looking for.

Then we will move at your pace, with you sharing as much or as little as you want. It often takes time to build trust and feel comfortable sharing. It is a common misnomer that you have to come to therapy prepared to lay everything bare. This is not true and not a requirement. You and your therapist will remain curious throughout your process, and discuss what feels applicable or important to you.

Our aim is to support you, introduce alternative points of view, and encourage you to tune into the wisdom that you already possess. All of your experiences have influenced how you have moved through the world. Our hope is that therapy can provide a place, where you can hold these lessons in a way that feels authentic for you.

With new skills, support and compassion, you will master anxiety, defy depression and find capacity within yourself you never knew you had before.

If you’re bringing your child or adolescent:

Your child’s therapist will begin by meeting with you, spending some time with your child individually, or a combination of both. Our initial session will be a great time to review paperwork and discuss your goals. Moving forward our session plans will be tailored to your child’s needs, and what will make you and your child feel the most comfortable.